Seed Kit Autumn / Winter

Seed Kit Autumn / Winter

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Carefully selected to be the best compromise between nutritional value and greenhouse performance, these seeds have been the subject of rigorous research.

The range of varieties composed by our agronomists makes it possible to obtain an appreciable harvest.

Our engagements :

A high germination rate
A growth of the plant adapted to the vertical culture under greenhouse and butte
An indisputable taste and nutritional quality

The taste of a fruit or a vegetable is mainly determined by its genetic heritage. We continue the ancestral work of the first farmers by choosing only the best.

In the program :

  • 6 X Caraflex cabbage
  • 6 X Chinese cabbage
  • 120 X Woodpecker Spinach
  • 10 X Romaine lettuce 
  • 80 X Lamb's lettuce
  • 70 X White Onion
  • 50 X Persil plador
  • 100 X Arugula