Insulation module Family
Insulation module Family

Insulation module Family

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Insulation module Family

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43 route Ecospace

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43 route Ecospace
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Description :

The Insulation Module for Greenhouse is designed for those looking to significantly enhance the performance of their greenhouse, providing an effective solution to reduce heat loss while optimizing the use of solar light. This module includes double polycarbonate ultra-transparent insulation panels, integrated heating resistors in the basins, and door insulation.

Product features : 

- Transparent double polycarbonate insulation panels (x8)

- Heaters integrated into bassins (x2)

- Door insulation

Benefits :

Improved Thermal Performance: The double polycarbonate ultra-transparent insulation panels reduce heat loss while allowing optimal passage of solar light, thus promoting increased yields.

Water Temperature Control: The integrated heating resistors in the basins help maintain an optimal water temperature, beneficial for both plant roots and fish, promoting biological activity even in cold weather.

Reduced Heating Requirements: By limiting thermal exchanges with the exterior and improving the thermal inertia of the greenhouse, this module helps reduce reliance on additional heating systems, offering significant energy savings.

Usage :

The installation of the Insulation Module for Greenhouse is simple and effective. The insulation panels should be placed on the north-facing side of the greenhouse, directly under the glass, while the heating resistors should be integrated into the basins according to the provided instructions. Once installed, the module operates autonomously, improving the thermal performance of the greenhouse and promoting better growth of plants and fish.