Summer module
Summer module
Summer module
Summer module
Summer module

Summer module

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Summer module


43 route Ecospace

Abholung möglich, gewöhnlich fertig in 2 - 4 tagen

43 route Ecospace
67120 Molsheim (67120)



The summer module is specially designed to help you navigate increasingly hot summers while maintaining optimal growing conditions in your greenhouse. It offers a comprehensive solution to minimize the effects of heatwaves, ensuring the well-being of your plants and maintaining an environment conducive to their growth. This module includes a range of equipment such as a professional osmosis system, a side shading net, an integrated misting system, a Bluetooth programmer, and removable mosquito screens for effective protection against harmful elements.


- PRO 1000l/d Osmosis System: Compensates for the high water consumption of plants during the peak season and extends the period between basin refills. Removes or reduces up to 95% of impurities such as salts, heavy metals, chloramines, nitrates, nitrites, sediments, soils, oxides, herbicides, pesticides, and volatile organic pollutants.

- Side Shading Net: Minimizes greenhouse effects on the sunniest side, ensuring optimal temperatures inside the greenhouse even in hot weather.

- Integrated Misting System with 5 Adjustable Nozzles: Creates a fine, refreshing mist that increases humidity in the greenhouse and prevents plant dehydration. Also helps combat the proliferation of microscopic pests during summer.

- Bluetooth Programmer: Optimizes the operation of the osmosis system and misting system by adapting to outdoor conditions with up to 8 programs per day, ensuring efficient irrigation and climate control.

- 8 Removable Mosquito Screens: Replaces clear glass in the greenhouse and doors with semi-rigid screens, promoting optimal air circulation while preventing the intrusion of unwanted insects. Comes with suction cups for easy installation.



- Maximizes greenhouse performance and autonomy: By combining equipment, this module ensures efficient management of water, temperature, and humidity, thereby providing optimal growing conditions for your plants throughout the summer season.

- Limits and protects against the effects of heatwaves: Integrated devices such as shading nets, misting systems, and mosquito screens help mitigate the effects of high temperatures, preserving the health and vigor of your crops even during the hottest periods of summer.



Installing the summer module is simple and intuitive. Each component is designed to seamlessly integrate into your greenhouse, offering a turnkey solution to combat extreme summer conditions.