Ready-to-Grow Plants - kits

Ready-to-Grow Plants - kits

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Pickup available at 43 route Ecospace Usually ready in 2-4 days

Ready-to-Grow Plants - kits


43 route Ecospace

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

43 route Ecospace
67120 Molsheim (67120)


36 plants to take off your production

It is not always easy to find the time to start your seedlings. That's why we designed a ready-to-grow plant kit to send directly to your doorstep. Composed of carefully selected seasonal plants, all you have to do is incorporate them into your ZipGrow growing towers or in your vertical Aerospring garden before you let them grow and enjoy them on your plate! For the delivery of the seedlings, you can expect a delay of one to two weeks. One of our agronomists will contact you to plan the delivery.

The selection of our chief growing officer  (composition varies according to availability, specific requests cannot be taken into account)

Choose the composition that suits you. 

Standard Composition : 

  • Aromatics : Mountaine Ache, Chervil, Chives, Dill, Lemon balm, Parsley, Perennial Sage
  • Lettuces, chicory, young shoots : Batavia lettuce, Oak leaf lettuce, Head lettuce, Romaine lettuce,  Mesclun, Watercress
  • Leafy vegetables : Chinese mustard, Red onion, White onion, Sorrel, Bloody sorrel, Chard, 
  • Cabbages :  Chinese Cabbage, Kohlrabi
  • Root vegetables : beet, turnip

The kit of 36 ready-to-grow seedlings contains about 4 herbs, 12 lettuces/chicory, 6 cabbages, about 14 leafy vegetables.

1 to 2 anti waste kits are available every week. These are season plants and mature to be planted quickly. 

Specific composition :

Mix 1 - Basket for Wok Mix 2 - Lettuce mix Mix 3 - Complete Basket 
1 x Parsley
1 x salad burnet
8 x Mangetout peas
1 x Celery
8 x Joi Choi cabbage
6 x Cabbage Kaboko
4 x Sorrel
6 x Onion
6 x Batavia
6 x Rougette
6 x Romaine
6 x Mesclun
6 x Arugula
6 x Watercress
1 x Chervil
1 x Parsley
2 x Batavia lettuce
2 x Oak leaf lettuce
2 x Red Lettuce
2 x Celery
2 x Pear
6 x Beetroot
6 x Turnip
6 x Onion
6 x Chinese cabbage

    Delivery every Monday.

    To your shoots !


    The plants offered are species from certified untreated or organic seeds, of professional quality. The species chosen are registered in the seed catalog and are adapted to the season, to the greenhouse culture and to the geographical area. They ensure a good productivity and a good tolerance to diseases.

    Take a look this document about the quality of the selected seeds.  

    At the time of shipment, they must meet the following requirements

    • Uniform appearance of plants of the same species (minimum leaf size of 1 cm)
    • Fresh appearance of the plants (absence of dead or dried leaves, etc.)
    • Absence of crop pests
    • Absence of disease or presence of chimera (leaf irregularities)
    • Visible roots, i.e. emerging from the growing medium
    • Moist growing medium
    • Presence of possible vermiculite on the surface of the substrate, sandy to brown-green color
    The labeling of the plants indicates the variety, the date of sowing and the batch number, in order to inform you of the plants placed at your disposal and to ensure a traceability.

    A photograph is taken at the time of their preparation. This element allows us to ensure that the plants were in good condition at the time of departure.