Organic fertilizer Bloom for fruits and vegetables - 5L

Organic fertilizer Bloom for fruits and vegetables - 5L

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The quality of fertilizers is key in the success of your cultivation in the ZipGrow towers or Aerospring garden .

Made out of a rigorous selection of biological components, the range of biological fertilizers Bloom is ideal for the farming of vegetables, fruits and aromatic herbs.

Perfectly soluble, It contains some fulvic acid and humic acid which helps improve the conditions of absorption of nutriments and increase the capacity of assimilation of plants.
It can be used with the rock wool, the coconut matting, in bioponic cultivation or in traditional farming.

Composition: nitrogen, phosphoric Anhydride, Oxide of Potassium, sulphuric Anhydride, Magnesium

Use(Custom): fertilizer BIOP oniques is intended for bioponic farming.

If your crop growing is mainly oriented towards fruits, it is advisable to add 150 ml of biological fertilizer Bloom every 2,5 weeks, associated with 150 ml of biological fertilizer Grow.

Approximatly 20 months of use for mainly oriented towards fruits farming.

In compliance with the European standards on organic farming N°834 / 2007 and 889/2008

Security sheet: MYFOOD-FDS-GROW-BLOOM.pdf