pH Down - 1 L

pH Down - 1 L

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pH Down - 1 L

43 route Ecospace

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

43 route Ecospace
67120 Molsheim (67120)


Obtain the perfect acidity

This solution is intended for all those who have difficulty stabilizing the pH of the water at an adequate level.

Contrary to the usually marketed regulators, this reducer is not a simple acid. It is a precise formula, a well-balanced mixture of acids and organic regulators that stabilize the pH while settling the level of calcium (this is particularly useful in case of hard water).

Once the pH is stabilized, it will remain stable until the renewal of the water in the tubs and it'll require only rare adjustments.

Use : the reducer of pH can be used in bioponic and aquaponic farming to balance the water. In greenhouses, pour 30 to 50ml every day until obtaining the right pH.

In Aerospring gardens, 10ml can be added every two hours while checking gradually the pH.

The quantity of reducer that you'll have to use depends on the hardness of the water of your region.

Security sheet: MYFOOD-FDS-PH-DOWN.pdf