Treatment in integrated control against caterpillars

Treatment in integrated control against caterpillars

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Treatment in integrated control against caterpillars

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43 route Ecospace
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These bacteria are on your side

Thanks to its active principle 100% of natural origin, it is the most used insecticide in the world in organic farming, its main application being the fight against lepidopteran caterpillars (butterflies including cabbage moth, budworm, moths). This treatment acts by ingestion when the caterpillar devours the parts of the treated plant. Its mode of action causes the latter to stop quickly and definitively their nutrition and causes their elimination. It is effective on young caterpillars, which die between 2 and 5 days after ingestion of the bacterium while remaining compatible with biological auxiliaries and pollinating insects.

Instructions for use: This product is in the form of powder to be diluted and then sprayed on the plant.

1- Fill one third of the sprayer with water.
2- Measure the amount of powder needed (metering included) for the total volume.
3- Add the product to the sprayer and mix.
4- Adjust the volume of water, shake again.
5- Pressurize and spray the entire vegetation on both sides of the leaves to the point of runoff.

Dose: 1 g / L covers an average of 10m²