Yellow stuck plates (pack of 10 sheets)

Yellow stuck plates (pack of 10 sheets)

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Stuck traps are used in the monitoring and control of insect populations.
On all types of crops, the yellow color model is specially designed to fight against flying insects (flies, mealybugs, aphids ...) and blue against thrips.

A trap is to be used for an area of 10 to 50 m2.
For the city, 1 yellow plate and 1 blue plate.
For a Family greenhouse, 2 yellow plates and 2 blue plates.

Manual :
To expose sticky surfaces, remove the protective paper from each side of the plate.
Hang the plate on a support near the plants.
The visible grid on the plates will help you count the insects.
The plates are water resistant and biodegradable.

The plates are to be kept in their original packaging, cool and dry.